Best 1500 Watt Microwave With Expert Recommendation

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Are you tired of waiting for a low-power microwave to cook your meals? When you need more power and faster cooking times, a 1500-watt microwave could be just right.

While very few microwave ovens output 1500 watts, 1100 to 1250-watt microwaves could suit your needs. These models generally require about 1500-1550 watts of cooking power, even if their output is slightly lower. That said, they heat up and cook a lot faster than a microwave outputting 1000 watts or less.

With this in mind, I spent hours searching the market and finding the most promising models. From all, three have made it to our list. Check them out below.

Why a 1500-watt microwave?

Finding the perfect microwave is often challenging. Some units simply don’t have enough power output power, and in the microwave world, power equals shorter cooking times and better results.

As mentioned above, there are few units that actually output over 1250 watts. Nevertheless, you should know that microwaves require more power input to produce that output. In most cases, a 1250-watt microwave requires at least 1500 watts of power input.

Returning to our question, a 1500-watt microwave is an excellent choice for frequent users and larger families. The higher power allows you to cook faster and obtain more flavorful food. A higher temperature also means that you can get that delicious crispy crust when heating pre-cooked meals, like frozen pizza or microwave lasagnas.

Like anything else, 1500-watt microwaves come with pros and cons. Below a rundown of each so that you can make an informed decision.


  • A powerful microwave cooks food faster compared to weaker ones
  • Your microwave will likely reach a higher temperature
  • Most high-wattage microwaves have higher capacity than lower-powered units
  • Ideal for larger families or frequent use
  • More cooking functions and power levels


  • Higher energy consumption
  • Generally too large for a small kitchen or RV
  • Higher risk of burning the food

How many amps does a 1500-watt microwave draw?

The amount of amps a 1500-watt microwave draws depends on its voltage. Most microwaves on the market run on 110-volt circuits and draw around 13 2/3 amps. In other words, your microwave would need a dedicated 15-amp circuit, or you should opt for a 20-amp circuit if you plan to plug in other electronics in the same wall outlet.

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Microwaves running on 120-volt circuits generally draw 12 ½ amps. Again, it is recommended to use a dedicated 15-amp circuit to prevent circuit overload.

Built-in or larger microwaves running on 240-volt circuits only draw 6 ¼ amps. This amperage allows you to hook up both the microwave and an oven on the same circuit, which is ideal when installing the appliances in the same kitchen cabinet.

A dedicated circuit is not needed if there is no other load on the circuit when the microwave oven is in operation. If you want to operate the microwave and another heavy-load appliance (such as a toast maker or coffee machine) at the same time, you need dedicated circuits to prevent tripping a circuit breaker or blowing a fuse.

Best 1500-Watt Microwave

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave

This microwave oven with a smart sensor from Toshiba is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. It is relatively compact, taking up little counter space, yet it boasts a spacious interior with a 12.4-inch turntable. The smart sensor makes microwave cooking a breeze: this sensor detects your food’s humidity and adjusts the cooking time and maximum power for a moist, flavorful result.


Another highlight is the intuitive control panel. Large buttons make it a cinch to operate, while the digital display shows you a countdown timer or the actual time when the unit is not in use.

1500-watt microwave capacity

With six pre-programmed cooking settings and ten power levels, rest assured that this microwave oven can help you cook or reheat food in the blink of an eye.

Why I love it

Easy cooking

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In addition to the smart sensor, the unit comes with pre-programmed cooking settings. You can leave the guesswork out of the game when it comes to selecting the right cooking time or power level.

Quick buttons

The 30-second, quick-start button makes it easy to warm up your coffee or add a bit more time to the cooking cycle. The unit also features quick minute buttons (between 2 and 6) for an even easier operation.

Melt function

Whether you want to soften butter or just slightly melt the ice cream, the soften/melt functions can help you achieve your goals without turning your food completely liquid.

What could be better

Defrost function

This microwave features auto and custom defrost settings, but they are all too aggressive. The custom gives you some control over the process, but the results could be better.

Cleaning ease

The stainless steel microwave has a sleek finish, but the exterior is a magnet for fingerprints. Wiping them away and polishing the oven’s looks is a true hassle.

2. Breville BMO850BSS Smooth Wave Countertop Microwave Oven

If you want a luxury microwave that outputs impressive power, the Breville BMO850BSS could be the best microwave oven for you.


This unit has a countertop design, although it is compatible with trim kits that make it perfect for those looking for a built-in or 1500-watt over-the-range microwave. It doesn’t output exactly 1500 watts, but the 1250 watts of power are more than enough to cook your meals in no time.


I also like that it fits in any kitchen. The stainless steel finish and timeless design pair beautifully with all styles.

Why I love it

Timeless design

Breville combines vintage elements with modern technology in a timeless-looking microwave oven. The knob/buttons are easy to operate, allowing you to set the time and power, select auto-cooking options, or add a bit more time.

Turntable off feature

Don’t you hate it when you want to cook something in a rectangular dish that’s too big for the unit? Turning off the turntable can help you achieve just that, and this microwave oven has a turntable off option.

Mute button

Another thing that I love is the mute button you can use to deactivate the beep at the end of the cooking cycle. You can also adjust the sound volume and choose from different alert tones.

What could be better


This is one of the few microwave ovens without a backlit display. While you can see your selection and the clock in the light, there is no way to do that in the dark.

No timer

Most microwaves have a timer that shows you a countdown of the cooking time, but not the Breville. I would have expected it for the money.

3. Panasonic NN-SN766S Stainless Steel Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

The Panasonic NN-SN766S is an excellent choice for those who need a higher capacity. It has 1.6 cubic feet and features a 15-inch turntable.


In addition to the generous space, the microwave oven also boasts 14 pre-programmed cooking options and ten power settings for effortless cooking.


This isn’t the most attractive unit design-wise, but it allows for versatile installation: keep it on your counter, mount it in a cabinet, or even install it over the range.

Why I love it


This microwave oven is designed to stay by your side for years to come. It has a robust construction and an intuitive control panel.

Cleaning ease

Like most Panasonic microwaves, the NN-SN766S has a sleek cabinet with no crevices that could gather food scraps and crumbs. You can clean this oven easily, with little to no effort.

1500-watt microwave size

Whether you have to cook for yourself or a family of six, this microwave oven can help you do it. It fits platters up to 13 inches in diameter and has a 15-inch turntable that can hold larger trays and pans.

What could be better

Turbo defrost

Despite the turbo in its name, the defrost function isn’t the most powerful. It does its job, but you’ll have to be patient.

Feet and door design

The unit has slippery feet and a door latch that makes it hard to close the door without making a noise. The former is annoying, whereas the latter can make it hard to warm up food at late hours without waking up your roommates or family members.

1500-watt microwave comparison table

 Toshiba EM131A5C-BSBreville BMO850BSSPanasonic NN-SN766S
Capacity1.2 cu. ft.1.2 cu. ft.1.6 cu. ft
Max power1,100 watts1,250 watts1,250 watts
Power levels101010
Cooking programs61514

1500-watt microwave maintenance tips

Maintaining a 1500-watt microwave is no different than maintaining any other microwave oven. Here are a few rules to follow.

  • Only use microwaveable containers: An easy way to prevent damage is by only using the microwave with microwave-friendly containers. These containers will not catch fire and won’t cause sparks.
  • Clean the unit regularly: Wipe clean the unit’s interior after each use. Deep clean the oven at least once or twice a month with white vinegar and baking soda. Don’t forget to clean its exterior, too, especially around the fans and vents.
  • Keep the door closed: When the microwave is not in use, close its door and keep it closed. This can prevent accidental starting and save on energy – an open door when the microwave isn’t running generally activates the interior light.

Final Thoughts

A high-power microwave is an excellent choice for busy households and frequent use. Not only will you be able to cook your meals faster, but high-power microwaves generally also have a higher capacity. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best 1500-watt microwave for you.



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