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Our Mission

At microwaveist.com, our mission is to offer helpful advice and time-saving buying guides for microwave users and online shoppers searching for the best product.

From finding the best microwaves to dealing with common issues such as troubleshooting, cooking settings, and microwave cooking problems or tips, our experts can show you what to pick and what to do to make the most out of your microwave.

Our staff focuses on researching and testing the best microwaves on the market. We work hard to examine each product by researching retailers, web magazines, blogs, and other product compendiums. We then handpick the best among them for deeper research and in-house testing.

We help millions of users each month find the information they need to buy their first microwave, replace an old appliance with a newer model, and decide between the various options.

To do this, we make sure that each article and buying guide is written by experts in the field, including expert food writers and scientists.

Why Trust Us

At microwaveist.com, we are dedicated to providing you with the most valuable and objective information about microwaves.

Professionals in the field write all our reviews after thorough research and testing. Our end goal is to provide you with the best shopping or troubleshooting advice, cooking tips, and general opinions so that you can save time and money. All our reviews are fair and impartial.

Our Review Process

microwaveist.com strives to be perfect in everything it does. Our staff devotes time to research and testing the products in-house, whenever possible, before releasing an article.

However, when reviewing expensive appliances, we do not always have the budget to buy each product. When this happens, our review process is as follows:

  1. We choose a category (e.g., solo microwave, convection microwave, microwave grill, etc.).
  2. For each selected product, we conduct thorough research from all available sources. This includes consumer product reviews, specialty forums, YouTube videos, online blogs, and magazines.
  3. We supplement our research with the real experiences of those who have used the product. We then draw a list of researched products, ranking them from best to worst.
  4. We narrow down the list to the best products in the category. All our round-up reviews aim for a top ten, but some articles may feature fewer or more products, based on our research.
  5. Our experts write a detailed article highlighting each product’s pros and cons and a detailed buying guide to help you decide which microwave is best for you.


At microwaveist.com, we fact-check all brand claims by testing the products ourselves whenever possible. We also consider general consumer opinions and expert resources. Our ultimate goal is to give you honest and unbiased buying advice.


How Do You Choose the Products?

Each product featured in our reviews or buying guides has to pass through a thorough selection process. While the process is constantly evolving, we always focus on the three main elements below:

  • Availability: We only feature products that are readily available to buy.
  • Rating: All of the products we select are highly rated by customers and online reviewers.
  • Age: We focus on products that are new to the market or long-time market leaders.

How Do You Test the Products?

To achieve our goal of providing the best advice, our experts use most of the microwaves we write about. We also compare products in the same category head-to-head whenever possible and only select those appliances that meet specific consumer needs.

How Do You Decide on Ratings?

In our buying guides and review articles, readers will often observe labels like “best rating,” “best choice,” or “best overall.” These labels reflect our personal opinion about the respective products and are assigned by our experts after thorough product research and testing. The ratings depend on:

  • Product Quality
  • Ease of use
  • Technology
  • General consumer opinion

Advertising Policy

At microwaveist.com, we believe in transparency and will never accept payment for positive reviews, nor do we accept paid placements in our review articles or buying guides. The opinions and advice in our articles belong to our unbiased reviewers.

We constantly review and feature new microwaves. Please get in touch if you want us to rate and write an unbiased review about your product.

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