Best Floating Microwave Shelf in 2023 [Reviews + Top Picks]

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Do you want a microwave oven but are short on counter space? Perhaps you don’t have the possibility to mount it under a kitchen cabinet or opt for a built-in microwave, either. In all these cases, a floating shelf for a microwave can save the day.

Hanging microwave shelves are an excellent solution for small kitchens. They occupy a little space on the wall, and some feature additional accessories, such as cookware hooks or spice jar shelves.

If you’re now wondering how to find the best-floating microwave shelf on the market, know that I did the hard stuff. We’ve spent hours researching products, reading thousands of reviews, and selecting the best models you can find. Check them out below.

Can You Put a Microwave on a Floating Shelf?

Before delving further into the matter and wondering what floating shelf to buy, you must learn whether it’s possible to put the microwave on a floating shelf to begin with.

Technically, you can. Microwave floating shelves are made specifically for this purpose. There are a few things to consider, though:

Shelf dimensions

Not all microwave shelves were created equal. Some are only large enough to hold a mini microwave oven. Others have sufficient space to accommodate a behemoth of microwaves designed for large families.

Check the overall dimensions of the shelf you want to buy, and make sure it is wide and deep enough for your microwave oven.

Microwave weight

Floating microwave shelves can only hold so much weight. Check how hefty your microwave oven is and make sure the shelf can support such a load.

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Microwave cord length

Floating shelves are easy to install anywhere on a wall. However, microwave ovens run on electricity. You have to measure the distance from the nearest wall outlet and make sure the microwave cord is long enough so that you can plug it in.

While you can technically use a cord extension, I wouldn’t recommend this solution for a floating shelf – the extension cord would likely have to go up the wall and create a mess in your kitchen.

If the shelf is large enough and has a load limit that exceeds your oven’s weight, and if the microwave cord can reach the wall outlet, then you can definitely put a microwave on a floating shelf.

How Much Weight Can Microwave Oven Shelves Hold?

I talked about weight limit and max load, but how much weight can a microwave oven shelf hold? There is no straight answer.

Some floating shelves can hold up to 200 pounds. Others have a lower weight limit of 60 pounds or less.

A heavy-duty wall shelf for a microwave will generally hold 100 pounds or more. However, you might not need a heavy-duty (and more expensive) shelf. If you have a mini microwave and only use it to reheat a dinner plate or defrost foods, a shelf with a lower weight limit can serve the purpose and save you some money.

If you have a big microwave oven and use it for cooking full meals for a large family, then a heavy-duty shelf is the way to go.

How to Select a Floating Microwave Shelf?

Finding a promising microwave floating shelf isn’t hard. Finding one that suits your needs like a glove can be trickier. Here are a few things to consider before buying.


I already mentioned the size of the microwave shelf compared to the size of your microwave. However, that’s not the only thing to consider. You must also consider the available wall space, especially if the shelf has to fit between two wall cabinets.

Size-wise, you should also decide whether you want a simple shelf or one with additional hooks and racks you can use to store cookware, herbs, or spice jars.


Most microwave shelves are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum shelves are cheaper and lighter. However, they also have lower load limits and can be subject to corrosion. Stainless steel shelves are longer lasting and can hold higher loads.

Weight limit

Talking about the weight limit, you must consider the weight of your microwave oven but also the weight of anything you might want to cook.

When evaluating the weight limit, consider the heaviest meal you want to fit in the microwave oven at one time and buy a shelf that can hold more than that.

Also, add up the weight of any kitchen accessories you might want to hang from the shelf, such as ladles, large knives, jars, etc.


Last but not least, check out any installation requirements. Most microwave shelves need reinforcement, or you have to mount them on a wall stud to ensure a proper and secure installation.

With this in mind, let’s check out the best floating microwave shelves you can buy.

Floating Microwave Shelf Reviews

1. MaxxCloud Microwave Oven Rack

Coming in various sizes, the microwave oven rack from MaxxCloud is an excellent choice for your microwave oven but also to use as a pantry organizer. The floating wall shelf can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen when installed on an empty wall or fill the space under a wall cabinet.


It is made of powder-coated aluminum and is very easy to install into pre-drilled holes. Once you’ve installed the wall bracket on each side, simply press down the bars to fix them in place.


This floating wall shelf has a weight capacity of 80 pounds and is an excellent choice for small to mid-sized ovens.

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Microwave aside, the rack also features hook nooks on the sides you can use to hang kitchen accessories and utensils.

2. Funan Mountain Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

If you need a heavy-duty microwave floating shelf, this model from Funan Mountain could suit your needs.


This shelf is made of stainless steel and can hold weights up to 250 lbs. Not only is it big enough to accommodate a large microwave oven, but it also features eight utensil hooks that transform it into a multifunctional storage bracket.


In addition to hooks, the top shelf is removable. You can easily turn it into a rack or simply take it off the top for easier cleaning.


The shelf is easy to install or dismantle as needed. Stainless steel is also more durable than aluminum, but the wall shelf has a higher price tag.

3. AcornFort Wall Mounted Microwave Oven Rack

Designed with very small kitchens in mind, the AcornFort is more than a wall-mount microwave oven shelf. This is a true kitchen pantry organizer, complete with a spice shelf and utensil hooks.


It is made of aluminum, but the finish is durable. The only downside is the load limit, which is only 66 pounds. That’s enough for a small microwave oven and a few lightweight containers. However, I would have expected more, considering the design.


Load limits aside, I like the modern design with clean lines. This rack fits seamlessly in all kitchens.


While essentially designed for the microwave oven, you can also install it under a pantry cabinet to maximize storage space. In this case, you’ll get two shallow shelves you can use to keep a variety of kitchen essentials.

Like all wall shelves, this one is easy to mount on the wall. If you’re not sure how to do it, the manufacturer highlights all steps in a handy video.

4. AmGood Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf

Whether you have a food business or need a microwave oven shelf for your industrial-style kitchen, AmGood is an excellent choice. While this shelf’s design is highly industrial – meaning that it is minimalist and has no frills – I like the solid construction.


The shelf is large enough to hold a commercial microwave oven. It can hold up to 200 lbs. and is made of heavy-duty stainless steel.


The entire construction is simple and thought for easy cleaning. The stainless steel material is also easy to sanitize with kitchen-grade cleaners or even more aggressive cleaning agents. Mounting it is a cinch, but you should make sure to fix it to wall studs.


Overall, this shelf promises to stay by your side for a long time. The only downside is that it comes with flimsy wall anchors. I recommend replacing them with sturdier fasteners from the closest home improvement store. Other than that, we’re sure you’ll love it.

5. Duoduo888 Foldable Shelf for Microwave Oven

Last but not least, a carbon steel wall shelf is designed for smaller kitchens. This microwave oven rack may not have the strength of our stainless steel options, but it can still hold up to 77 pounds.


I absolutely like its customizable design. In fact, more than a shelf, this rack consists of two wall brackets that you can mount at any distance from one another. Recesses on both brackets allow you to push in the microwave oven’s feet for a secure installation.


The brackets are also adjustable in length, making this shelf perfect for microwave ovens of all sizes.

While affordable, this microwave shelf isn’t the cheapest. Considering its price tag, I would have expected stainless steel instead of painted carbon steel. That said, you can still expect decades of lifespan. There is no space to hang hooks for kitchen utensils, but if your oven has unusual dimensions, this shelf is the best you can find.

Floating Microwave Shelf Comparison Table

 MaxxCloud RackFunan Mountain ShelfAcornFort K-101 RackAmGood ShelfDuoduo888 Shelf
MaterialAluminum Stainless Steel AluminumStainless SteelCarbon steel
Color optionsBlackSilverSilverSilverSilver
Weight limit80 lbs.250 lbs.66 lbs.200 lbs.77 lbs.
Dimensions23.6” x 15.5”23.62” x 13.78”21.65” x 15.15”24” x 18”15.9” x 10”

Final Thoughts

Floating microwave shelves can serve more purposes than just holding an appliance. You can use it to place your microwave, hang kitchen utensils, and even store spice containers and other kitchen essentials. As a rule of thumb, stainless steel racks are heavier-duty and more resistant than aluminum ones.

Alternatively, you can opt for carbon steel. Whether you need a compact model for a small kitchen, an adjustable shelf for a large microwave, or one for your commercial kitchen, I hope this guide can help you find the best-floating microwave shelf for you.



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