Best Russell Hobbs Microwave: Top Picks & Reviews [2023]

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Do you need a new microwave? Russell Hobbs is undeniably one of your best bets. The brand has been around for over seven decades, and it has never disappointed. But what is the best Russell Hobbs microwave for a small kitchen?

There are plenty of options to choose from. To make things easy, I selected the most promising models. Check them out below.

Who is Russell Hobbs?

Russell Hobbs is one of the most trusted kitchen appliance brands. The company entered the market in the early 1950s with its first electric kettle and coffee machine. Since then, the brand has expanded its product range to include a variety of household appliances.

The British manufacturer moved its production headquarters outside the UK, but the quality of its products is still second to none. No doubt, one of the most trusted names on the market.

What type of microwaves do they manufacture?

Russell Hobbs focuses majorly on small consumer appliances. Its range of microwaves includes solo and combi options, but all units have relatively small capacities compared to other brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, or LG.

The main thing that stands out is the simplicity of use. Russell Hobbs are no-frills microwaves that don’t require a degree in engineering to operate.

Regarding the installation, most units from the brand are countertop microwaves designed to sit on your kitchen worktop.

Are Russell Hobbs microwaves worth your money?

Russell Hobbs microwaves are definitely worth your money if you’re looking for a simple yet functional unit. You won’t get countless cooking options or exaggerated power levels. You won’t get extreme power, to begin with, but that’s exactly what makes these microwaves worth it.

If you’re looking for a unit that doesn’t have an exaggerated power consumption yet still does its job brilliantly, then Russell Hobbs it is.

Some of the higher-end units from the brand have an auto-cook menu with about eight options. The simpler units only boast several power levels and a timer and are a perfect choice for those who don’t want to get their heads wrapped around an instruction booklet.

How do I choose a Russell Hobbs microwave?

Choosing a Russell Hobbs microwave starts with considering your needs. Do you need a solo microwave for defrosting and reheating?

Would you rather go for a microwave oven with a grill, or perhaps a combi microwave oven? Once you’ve decided, here are a few things to consider:


Russell Hobbs microwaves come in various sizes to suit anyone, from students and young professionals to families. A small unit is ideal for small households – they generally have a capacity of 17 liters and are just the right size to fit a dinner plate.

Larger units with a capacity of 20 liters or more are ideal for households of various sizes.


One of the things that make Russell Hobbs stand out is the maximum power output of these microwaves. Unlike other manufacturers, the brand didn’t focus on increasing the power of their units. Instead, it focused on making a lower power work perfectly. You can choose from several options, generally between 700 to 900 watts.

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Power levels

Most Russell Hobbs microwaves have five power levels, but the rule is not set in stone. You should check the unit before buying to make sure it suits your needs.

Pre-programmed cooking settings

Another thing to check before buying is the number of settings – if any – your Russell Hobbs microwave has.

Pre-programmed cooking settings are not a must. After all, you can follow the recipe and set the cooking time and power manually. However, they can make your life easier. That’s especially true when you come back home from work and don’t really feel like finding the right cooking settings.

Some Russell Hobbs microwaves have pre-programmed settings for a number of meals as well as automatic defrost and reheat.


Microwaves are generally associated with turntables, but some units have a flatbed instead. Those with a turntable are usually cheaper. However, a flatbed allows you to fit a rectangular tray into a smaller-sized microwave.

Ease of use

Are you into digital displays, or would you prefer the good old knob? Russell Hobbs makes microwaves with digital control panels or with knob controls. You can simply choose the one you like best.

What’s the difference between solo, grill, and combi microwaves?

Microwaves used to be simple machines. Nowadays, you have to choose from solo, grill, or combi units.

Their name is a clear indication of what they do:

  • Solo microwaves: These microwaves have no other functions. You can only use them for cooking microwavable meals, reheating leftovers, or defrosting foods.
  • Microwave ovens with grills: In addition to the microwave function, they also have a grill you can use to make meals crispy. When using the grill function, you can place metal pans or trays in the oven.
  • Combi microwaves: These microwaves generally have a convection function so that you can use them for baking biscuits or making a Sunday roast. They can replace the traditional oven and also incorporate all the microwave functions you’d expect from a unit.

What’s the Russell Hobbs Inspire microwave oven like to use?

The Russell Hobbs Inspire is one of the easiest-to-use microwave ovens. The unit doesn’t have a digital control panel but two knobs. The analog controls make operation a cinch. Curious to find out more? I review the Russell Hobbs Inspire microwave below.

Best Russell Hobbs Microwave

1. Russell Hobbs RHM3003B Combination Microwave

Designed with large families in mind, this combination microwave oven can replace your standard oven.


It has a capacity of 30 liters and enough cooking functions to satisfy all your needs. Not only can you switch from microwave to convection to grill/combi, but the ten auto menus can make your life easier. The unit is also aesthetically appealing and integrates with success in all interiors.

Why I love it

Versatile application

This microwave oven has everything you need to cook anything from quick dinners to elaborate festive meals. Switching between functions is as easy as pressing a button.

Fan-assisted cooking

When using the convection microwave function, the fan works in the exact same way as a standard ventilated convection oven. You can use it for baking, roast, or grill.

Easy maintenance

The unit features a stainless steel interior and a removable turntable. Cleaning it is as easy as swiping a damp rag to remove spills or splashes.

What could be better

Mirrored door

The door looks absolutely fabulous, and it will undeniably create a focal point in your kitchen. It does make it troublesome to see inside the oven as you’re cooking, though.

Control panel

The control panel is extremely minimalist, and navigating through all the options and functions requires a bit of a learning curve. However, it’s worth the hassle.

2. Russell Hobbs RHM2079A Digital Solo Microwave

Looking for a cheap microwave oven with decent capacity? This solo microwave could suit your needs.


It is smaller than the combination microwave above, but it still has a capacity of 20 liters. With a power of 800 watts and eight auto menu programs, this microwave oven is an excellent choice for small to mid-sized families.

Why I love it

Decent size interior

This microwave oven isn’t the largest out there, but with a 25.5-centimeter turntable, it is still big enough to accommodate a large dinner plate.

Child safety lock

Child-proofing your kitchen is a must when there are young in your house. With this microwave’s child lock, you can rest assured tiny fingers won’t be able to open it by mistake.


You can take the guesswork out of the game thanks to the auto-defrost option. All you have to do is input the weight, and the microwave will set the right power and time.

What could be better


Whilst this microwave is aesthetically pleasing; the mirrored exterior is a nightmare to maintain fingerprint and is grease-free.


The unit has a tiny display with red digits on a black background. The color combination is unfortunate, making it hard to see the timer or the clock.

3. Russell Hobbs RHM1714B Digital Solo Microwave

Tiny and portable, this microwave is an excellent choice for studio flats and shared homes.


You can fit it in a small kitchen or even in your own room if you don’t want to disturb your flatmates when you come back home in the middle of the night. The unit has a capacity of 17 liters and outputs up to 700 watts.

Why I love it

Multi-stage cooking

Are you tired of pressing buttons to defrost, then pressing buttons again to cook your meal? The multi-stage cooking allows you to schedule a cooking sequence for no-frills meal prepping.

Pre-programmed options

This microwave might be small, but that doesn’t mean it’s basic. On the contrary – it packs eight pre-programmed auto menus and five power levels.


If you’re an enthusiast microwave oven user, you probably know already that those pesky door-opening buttons break easily.

That’s why you’ll love this microwave oven as much as I do – the door has a convenient pull handle instead of the annoying button.

What could be better

Interior coating

You’ll have to pay attention to maintaining this microwave. Wipe it clean after each use and never use abrasive products, or the interior enamel might come off. If this happens, the interior will rot.

Control panel design

I can’t argue the control panel is easy to use and intuitive, but its design is stuck in the 80s. The problem is the oven looks old rather than retro.

4. Russell Hobbs RHEM2301B Flatbed Solo Microwave

Are you tired of turntables breaking or impeding you from heating foods in rectangular containers? The Russell Hobbs RHEM2301B can save the day. This 23-liter microwave oven doesn’t have a turntable at all.


Its flatbed design is easier to maintain, and the unit does an excellent job at heating without producing hot spots.

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Why I love it

Power levels

This flatbed microwave oven boasts 800 watts of power and five power levels. You can cook whatever you wish in the minimum time possible.

No-nonsense control panel

Four buttons and a small display ensure that you’ll never have to wrap your head around an instruction booklet. Select your desired function (microwave or defrost) and press start – it’s as easy as that.

Pull handle

Like the unit above, this microwave comes with a pull handle to open the door rather than a button. No doubt, one of the simplest microwaves to use.

What could be better

Cooking programs

Whilst this microwave oven is a cinch to use, it comes with no pre-programmed menus. You’ll have to run some trial and error tests to see how much time and power you need to cook various dishes.

Price point

This microwave is easy to use, but it is still basic. Thus, I find it a bit on the expensive side.

5. Russell Hobbs RHM1731B INSPIRE Manual Microwave

Last on our list; this microwave oven is an exceptional choice if you don’t like digital control panels.


One of the most popular units from the brand, the Inspire features dials rather than buttons and a chunky pull handle. Packed in this retro-inspired design is a 17-liter, 700-watt microwave oven that can satisfy students, single professionals, and people living alone or with their better half.

Why I love it

Easy-to-use dials

This microwave oven is ridiculously easy to use. One dial allows you to set the power level, whereas the other is for the time. That’s it.

30-minute timer

The convenient timer features 1-minute increments from one to ten minutes, then five-minute increments up to half an hour.


Ideal for a retro kitchen style, this microwave oven features Russell Hobbs’ signature mirrored door and an oversized pull handle on the door, which is chromed.

What could be better

Auto menus

Like the flatbed microwave I reviewed, the Inspire microwave doesn’t have pre-programmed cooking settings.


Although the textured casing looks amazing, the dust and grime getting into the nooks and crevices is quite hard to get rid of.

Russel Hobbs Microwave Comparison Table

 Russell Hobbs RHM3003BRussell Hobbs RHM2079ARussell Hobbs RHM1714BRussell Hobbs RHEM2301BRussell Hobbs RHM1731B
Capacity30 L20 L17 L23 L17 L
Max power900 watts800 watts700 watts800 watts700 watts
Turntable31.5 cm25.5 cm24.5 cmNo24.5 cm
Cooking programs108800

Final Thoughts

Russell Hobbs microwaves are undeniably an excellent choice for modern and retro kitchens alike. Whether you’re a big family or a small household, I hope this guide can help you find the best microwave oven from the brand.



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