Best Toshiba Microwave Ovens: 2023’s Models Compared

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A good microwave oven is one of the most essential appliances a kitchen must-have. This apparatus brings convenience into your home – whether you want to defrost meat, reheat leftovers, or cook a quick meal. When it comes to choosing a brand, you may notice that Toshiba microwave ovens rank high.

The Japanese company entered the home appliance market decades ago and has been manufacturing microwaves for a really long time. These units might not impress with their design, but the technology they incorporate is outstanding.

Now, if you’re looking for a microwave oven designed to last, check out the Toshiba microwave reviews below. I spent weeks researching the market and selecting the best units from the brand that would fit in most kitchens.

Toshiba Microwave: History Overview, Reliability, and Product Line

The result of a merger between Tokyo Denki and Shibaura Seisakusho, two of the first companies involved in the development of communication equipment and miscellaneous electronics in Japan, Toshiba was established in 1939 and quickly became known as one of the best manufacturers of heavy electrical machinery.

Initially, the brand only manufactured heavy equipment for industries, but it soon diversified its offer to include consumer goods.

Toshiba is today a renowned manufacturer of home electronics, appliances, mobile phones, and other devices alongside a range of tools and heavy-duty machinery.

A pioneer in many areas, Toshiba manufactured Japan’s first microwave in 1961. Since then, the company has played a major role in popularizing microwaves by reducing their dimensions and costs. Thus, making them more affordable and easier to use.

Today, Toshiba makes some of the best microwaves in the world. Not only are they reliable, but new models incorporate smart features, such as sensor cooking and connectivity.

The best Toshiba convection microwave ovens can easily replace a standard microwave and traditional convection oven, delivering cooking versatility in a small package. Overall, the brand’s microwaves are synonymous with quality and reliability at an affordable price tag.

Why do I Recommend Toshiba microwaves?

People looking for a good microwave oven generally expect two things: reliability and affordability.

Reliability includes good cooking performance, easy operation, and a decent lifespan. Homeowners also want affordable microwaves because they are generally an accessory appliance – an addition to the stove and oven.

Toshiba manages to successfully address both expectations. The brand’s microwaves are reliable and affordable. They are easy to use and maintain, incorporate all new technologies, and some smart models even work with Google Home and Alexa.

Which Toshiba microwaves are best?

Finding the best Toshiba microwave comes down to your needs. Do you need a small microwave for occasional use? A standard but affordable unit is your best bet. Are you looking for an inverter microwave for enhanced cooking or one with a smart sensor? Toshiba proposes options in both categories.

Think about your cooking style and needs. Consider the oven design, too – you can pick from countertop microwave ovens, over-the-range microwaves, or built-in units.

What to know before you buy a Toshiba microwave

In addition to everything above, there are a few things to consider before buying your Toshiba microwave.


Microwave ovens can output between 700 and 1,500 watts, sometimes more. In the microwave world, the more watts the unit outputs, the better. However, most users will find a microwave with a wattage between 1,000 and 1,250 to be just right.


How much counter space do you have and how large is your household? When buying a microwave, you must consider its internal capacity as well as its overall dimensions.

For a small to medium-sized household, a microwave with a capacity between 1.2 and 1.5 cubic feet would suffice. However, you can find smaller or larger microwaves from Toshiba if you need a smaller unit or a larger one to feed a crowd.

Regarding the overall dimensions, measure your available space and get a unit that fits perfectly (while still ensuring proper clearance).


Toshiba microwaves range from standard to smart; the more features it has, the more expensive the unit. However, you should consider your needs when picking.

The least you’d need is a few pre-programmed cooking settings and a quick-start button for quick reheating. A popcorn option is also useful.

Defrost options that allow you to defrost based on both weight and time enhance versatility.

If you’re an avid home chef, get a model with inverter technology and at least a grill function. Some models include convection cooking as well as tens of presets.


Toshiba microwaves aren’t expensive, and you can easily find a reliable model on less than two hundred bucks. Smart models may cost a bit more, but they are still affordable.


Another thing to take into account is safety – especially if you have children. Overall, Toshiba microwaves are safe appliances. All come with child locks that prevent young fingers from operating the unit.

Best Toshiba Microwave

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

If you’re looking for a Toshiba microwave with a smart sensor, this model could fit the bill. The unit is ideal for smaller homes, studio apartments, and dorms.


Small families might like it too – it has a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet. A max power of 1,100 watts and ten power levels make cooking a cinch, whether you want to defrost meat or cook a meal. This countertop microwave oven is also compact, fitting smaller counters without problems.

Why I love it

User-friendly design

Whether you’ve never used a microwave oven before or need a microwave for a senior, this one is perfect. The control panel is intuitive; large digits on the keypad and lots of contrast between the numbers and the background ensure easy operation. You can also open the door easily thanks to the pull handle – no annoying button to press at the end of the cycle.

Sound off function

Do you have kids and don’t want to wake them up when the meal is cooked? Press the number eight digit for about three seconds to turn off the final beep.

Sensor cooking

The unit’s smart sensor can help you defrost or cook anything without worrying about overcooking. This sensor detects the amount of vapor coming from the food and adjusts the cooking time accordingly.

What could be better

Interior light

While this microwave oven features LED interior light, the bulb is not bright enough and makes it difficult to monitor the food without opening the door.


The unit’s clock function is not all that useful. This microwave oven has some timekeeping issues. However, you can use it as a kitchen timer, though.

2. Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(BS) Microwave Oven with Origin Inverter Technology

The ML-EM45PIT(BS) can be considered the best Toshiba microwave with inverter technology. As all microwave ovens in this range, the unit features a continuous power output, adjusting the wattage based on the application.


The result is fewer hot spots and evenly cooked food. Inverter aside, we also like the unit’s 1,250 watts of cooking power which make it perfect for most purposes.

Why we love it

Large capacity

Whether you have a large family or like to have friends over for dinner, this microwave oven is large enough to cook for crowds. It has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet and is large enough to fit two smaller plates.

Multi-stage cooking

Fancy feature names from brands may not tell you much, but multi-stage cooking is one you should look for when buying a microwave. This function is similar to the sensor cooking, but the oven adjusts the power and time throughout the cycle based on the amount of vapor coming from your food. The result is more delicious food that maintains its texture and flavor.


Designed with energy-saving in mind, the unit features an eco-mode that reduces standby power consumption by 50%.

What could be better

Pre-programmed settings

While this microwave oven has six pre-programmed menus, they are all pretty basic. Still, we recommend this unit for its ease of use and attractive price point.

Control panel

Although the control panel is intuitive, the color of the digits is a light gray rather than white. This hinders visibility and could make selections more challenging.

3. Toshiba EC042A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Convection

If you need a Toshiba microwave with a grill and convection cooking, the EC042A5C-BS is what you need.


This microwave has a capacity only slightly smaller than the ML-EM45PIT(BS) – 1.5 cubic feet – and can replace your standard oven if necessary. The unit outputs up to 1,000 watts of power and has ten power levels, just what you need for the perfect cooking of all your recipes. We also like the black stainless steel design that is easy to clean.

Why I love it

Cooking options

This convection microwave oven is a perfect choice for all your cooking needs. Aside from the usual defrosting or cooking microwaved meals, the oven enables you to bake and broil for a perfectly crispy finish. Cooking temperatures vary from 100°F to 425°F.

Warm-hold function

This function allows you to keep food warm until serving. You may find it handy when you want to prepare meals in advance or leave a plate for a family member who’s late for lunch or dinner.

Two defrost options

The auto-defrost setting uses the smart sensor to thaw meat or frozen veggies to perfection. Alternatively, you can set the defrosting time.

What could be better

Top cooking element

This convection microwave oven works great for its intended purpose, but you must keep in mind that it is still a microwave and not a convection oven. That’s why the top element doesn’t get very hot.

Cleaning ease

The oven has an easy-clean interior when using the microwave function, but a nightmare to clean after using the convection cooking.

4. Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) Smart Microwave Oven

The ML-EM34P(SS) looks like a compact microwave at first glance but packs a lot of surprises under its hood. Not only is it one of the few Toshiba microwaves with Alexa, it impresses with 23 pre-programmed cooking functions that make cooking a cinch. Voice controls allow you to start, stop, and change settings at any time without using your hands.


Why I love it


This microwave oven isn’t the most powerful of the brand, but the 1,100 watts and ten power-setting levels make it perfect for all cooking needs.


At 1.3 cubic feet, this microwave oven is perfect for most users. It is compact enough to fit into a dorm or small apartment yet large enough for households of up to four people.

Smart settings

The voice control is undeniably the best thing about this microwave oven, but you can also control it from a distance through an app. The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it possible to control the oven from wherever you are (even on the other side of the world).


What could be better

Cooking performance

This microwave oven does a good job, but it doesn’t have inverter technology. Thus, you may have to deal with hot spots.


One thing Toshiba could pay more attention to is the design of their countertop microwaves. This one has a stainless steel front, for instance, but black sides and top. It might not be an issue for everyone, but if you want an appliance that looks good, this one might not be it.

Toshiba Microwave Comparison Table

 Toshiba EM131A5C-BSToshiba ML-EM45PIT(BS)Toshiba EC042A5C-BSToshiba ML-EM34P(SS)
Capacity1.2 cu. Ft.1.6 cu. Ft.1.5 cu. Ft.1.3 cu. Ft.
Max power1,100 watts1,250 watts1,000 watts1,100 watts
Power levels10101010
Cooking programs1261323
TechnologySmart sensorInverterConvectionSmart sensor

How can you turn off the sound on a Toshiba microwave?

Yes, you can turn off the sound on your Toshiba microwave. Some units have a mute button behind the door on the oven’s rim. However, most Toshibas have no dedicated mute button, but you can silence them by pressing the digit 8 for about three seconds.

All Toshiba microwaves on our list enable you to mute or turn the sound on by long-pressing the eight buttons.

Does Toshiba make over-the-range microwaves?

No. Unfortunately, Toshiba doesn’t make any over-the-range microwaves at the moment.

What does it mean if a strange code pops up on the display of my Toshiba microwave?

Codes popping up on your Toshiba’s display include function and error codes. Function codes pop up every time you select a pre-programmed cooking setting. Error codes are generally marked by an E at the beginning of the code. The letter is usually followed by a number that identifies the error code.

You can look it up in the oven’s user manual – user manuals describe all error codes and recommend troubleshooting steps. Alternatively, if you’ve lost the instructions booklet, you can contact Toshiba’s support.

How to reset the clock for the Toshiba microwave oven?

To reset the clock on your Toshiba microwave oven, unplug the appliance and plug it back in. The clock should show 0:00.

Press Clock once. The display should change from 0:00 to 00:00. Use the keypad to enter the time – first, the hour, and then the minutes. For instance, if the time is 10:15, enter the sequence as 1 0 1 5 in that order. Press Clock again to save the setting.

The display should flash, and then the numbers will appear as the clock on the display.

How to remove a protective film in a Toshiba microwave?

The easiest way to remove the protective film from your microwave is by sticking a strip of masking tape to a corner and pulling gently.

Final Thoughts

Toshiba microwaves are an excellent choice if you want a long-lasting and easy-to-use appliance. Whether you need a simple unit or one with smart controls, I hope this guide can help you find the best microwave from Toshiba for you.



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