Left Handed Microwave – (Facts to know Before Buy)

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Are you looking for left-hand microwaves? Whether you like it or not, microwave manufacturers discriminate against lefties. The same applies to those who need a microwave with a handle on the left side.

Microwaves with doors that open left to right don’t exist. Luckily, there are some awesome alternatives for you: bottom-hinged microwaves.

These appliances can replace a standard microwave oven if you don’t feel comfortable using the right-to-left door or if your kitchen layout can’t accommodate a standard unit. Now, are you wondering what the best alternatives to left-handed microwaves are? Check them out below.

Are there any left-handed microwaves?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any type of left-handed microwave (LHM) in today’s market. According to microwave manufacturer Kenmore, the market gap is explained by the fact that people simply don’t buy them.

Even lefties are perfectly content with standard, drop-down door or drawer microwaves; thus, nobody manufactures microwave ovens with a door that opens from left to right.

Why are They so Rare?

As explained, left-handed microwaves are so rare because there isn’t a market request for them. But there are other reasons too.

Manufacturing a door that opens in the opposite way would require brands to make changes to the established assembly lines. The same goes for microwaves with reversible doors, which would need hinges on both sides.

In addition, it also appears that microwaves were originally built to match side-open ovens, all of which open from right to left. Sure, lefties might feel discriminated against, but the truth is that operating standard microwaves is easy for all users, regardless of their dominant hand.

The need for a left-handed microwave is mostly linked to the kitchen layout. If your kitchen is small, it might sometimes make more sense to use a left-handed microwave. That said, a drawer microwave or one with a drop-down door is an excellent alternative.

How would the left-opening microwave work?

A microwave with a left-to-right opening would work just like a standard microwave, but its handle and control panel would be positioned on the oven’s left side. This design would make it easier for left-handed people to open the door and operate the appliance.

What makes a microwave suitable for left-handed people?

Since there are no left-handed microwaves out there, you might be wondering what makes the appliance suitable for lefties. There are two essential things:

Door opening

Left-handed people might find it awkward to open the oven door from right to left. Thus, drop-down doors are preferred. A bottom-hinged countertop microwave is undeniably easier to open if you’re left-handed. Alternatively, you can opt for a microwave drawer.

Control panel placement

Microwaves have the control panel on the right rather than the left-hand side. Like the door, this could make it awkward for a left-handed person to operate it.

For this reason, lefties might prefer microwaves with a top or bottom control panel – countertop and microwave drawers generally have a top control panel, whereas microwaves mounted under an upper cabinet have the control panel at the bottom.

Best Alternatives to Left-handed Microwaves

1. Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven

This microwave drawer oven from Sharp is an excellent choice for those who want to save counter space without compromising on capacity. The oven isn’t the largest out there, but it suits families just fine.

Its design is the greatest highlight, allowing you to save lots of precious counter space. No protruding handles and a concealed control panel allow for a flush installation within a lower cabinet and provide a streamlined appearance.


To open the oven or access the control panel, all you have to do is to press slightly on the door or control panel slot. I also like the brushed stainless steel construction that is easy to clean and maintain.

Why I love it

Large cooking space

This microwave drawer is small compared to other ovens (1.2 cubic feet), but it is spacious enough to hold a 4-quart casserole or a 20oz cup – an ideal choice for families of up to four people.

Concealed control panel

The oven has a sleek control panel design that allows you to conceal the buttons when not in use. When operating the oven, the 45-degree angle makes it easy to see your selections or keep an eye on the timer.


Ideal for people with disabilities, this oven is easily accessible. It doesn’t have a door handle that requires grabbing and allows for versatile placement options so that anyone can use it.

What could be better

Drawer opening

This oven doesn’t have many drawbacks, but a smoother opening of the drawer would have been preferred. When you’re heating beverages, the liquid could splash all over the oven as the drawer comes to a halt.

Power setting

This oven has 11 power levels, but setting the right level is daunting at first. For instance, setting the power level to 70% requires you to press the power level button four times. The procedure is written in the user manual but is not intuitive.

While not a drawer style, the Frigidaire FGMO3067UD is another microwave oven left-handed people will love. The built-in construction allows for versatile placement options while saving a lot of space on your countertop.

Frigidaire FGMO3067UD

At 1.6 cubic feet, it is larger than the Sharp, but it boasts the same max power – 950 watts. It is ideal for larger families, while the drop-down door style and top control panel make it perfect for left-handed individuals.

Twenty pre-programmed cooking settings make the operation a cinch. You can also pick from ten power levels and one-touch buttons for making popcorn, cooking veggies, or baking potatoes.

Why I love it

Smudge-free finish

The black stainless steel finish conceals smudges and makes it easier to wipe off stains. At the same time, the finish is stylish and elegant.

Drop-down door

The drop-down door design and 30-inch width allow for easier access compared to normal microwaves. You can place and take out the pans and trays without hassle.

LED lighting

The oven’s interior stays lit throughout operation for easy monitoring. LED lighting isn’t as bright as incandescent light, but it consumes less energy.

What could be better


Despite having the same power output as the Sharp, this microwave oven has slower heating. Cooking in this oven requires more time compared to the average microwave.

Customer service

Getting after-sales support can be a bit of a nightmare, but the support team is helpful and friendly once you manage to contact them.

3. Samsung MS14K6000AS Speed-Cooking Microwave Oven

Samsung MS14K6000AS isn’t a drawer microwave, nor does it have a drop-down door, but it still is an excellent choice for left-handed people. What makes it special is the slightly oversized control panel and a regular microwave door that is slightly more centered compared to other right-hand doors; thus, less awkward for a leftie to open it.


In addition to the control panel and door design, the oven impresses with a spacious interior. This microwave is perfect for cooking casseroles for your whole family or making a large batch of popcorn.

The 1,000 watts of power and ten power levels add even more value. You can also choose from seven pre-programmed cooking settings or hit the sensor cooking button for an automatic adjustment of the power and cooking time based on your meal’s weight.

Why I love it

Ceramic interior

While most microwaves have an enameled interior, this oven from Samsung has a ceramic enamel interior that is easier to clean and harder to scratch. Its dark color also enhances the oven’s aesthetic appeal.


This countertop microwave has a sleek design and a brushed stainless steel finish. Its smooth, clean lines look amazing in all kitchens. If stainless steel is not your style, the oven also comes in metallic black.

Intuitive controls

The control panel maintains the same clean design as the rest of the unit. More one-touch buttons compared to its peers translate into easier operation and faster cooking.

What could be better

Door release button

Like many countertop microwaves, the Samsung has a door release button you have to press to open the door. However, you have to apply a fair amount of force to get the door to open automatically. Otherwise, you need both hands free so that you can pull the door open as you’re keeping the button pressed.

Interior light

The oven has an interior light, but it is so dim that you might struggle to see what’s happening while cooking.

4. LG LMC0975ASZ 0.9 CF Countertop Inverter Microwave

Whether you’re left or right-handed, if you’re looking for a countertop microwave and don’t really care about the way the door opens, the LG LMC0975ASZ won’t disappoint.


This sleek microwave is smaller than the Samsung and an excellent option if you’re on a budget. Despite the smaller capacity (0.9 cubic feet), it still has 1,000 watts of cooking power, ten power levels, and seven pre-programmed cooking functions.

The door occupies the oven’s entire width, and the control panel is hidden behind it. However, you can still control basic functions without opening the door, such as adjusting the time, activating the child lock, or starting a quick, 30-second cycle.

Why I love it

Innovative design

One of this oven’s biggest advantages is the door and control panel design that gives the appliance a sleek, contemporary appearance. Operating the oven with either hand is child’s play.

Stable turntable

Taking turntable stability to a whole new level, this oven’s carousel has six wheels instead of three. The turntable dish is more stable, and you don’t have to worry about it sliding off accidentally.

Antibacterial coating

We all know how hard it is to keep your appliances clean. LG coated this microwave’s interior with an antibacterial coating that is easy to clean and keeps germs at bay. An ideal oven for families with small children.

What could be better

Door design

I love almost everything about this microwave oven, but the full-width door could be awkward to open if you’re left-handed and your kitchen is really small.

Acoustic alert

Like all microwaves, this one beeps when your food is done. The problem is that it keeps making noise until you take the food out.

5. Galanz GTWHG12S1SA10 4-in-1 ToastWave with TotalFry

Galanz 4-in-1 ToastWave oven has the same full-width door design as the LG, but the top control panel could make some lefties prefer it over the other.


The oven has a generous capacity of 1.2 cubic feet and up to 1,000 watts of power. Ten power levels and 12 pre-programmed settings give you all the versatility you need to cook lunch or dinner without effort.

Perhaps the greatest highlight is the top control panel which is slightly tilted upwards. Moreover, the 4-in-1 cooking options make it perfect for general cooking, baking, broiling, and even air frying.

Why I love it

Versatile cooking options

More than a microwave, this is a complete oven that boasts convection cooking, broiling, air frying, as well as microwave functions. It can fulfill all your cooking needs, and it can successfully replace the oven and microwave in a smaller kitchen.


This microwave oven comes with all you need to start cooking straight out of the box, including air frying accessories, a non-stick turntable, and a cooking mat.

Inverter and sensor cooking

When using the microwave function, the inverter and sensor cooking features allow you to speed up the cooking process while obtaining tastier foods.

What could be better


This oven is harder to clean compared to other microwaves, perhaps because of its 4-in-1 function. Fingerprints are also easily seen on the glass door.

Time setting

Both the microwave and convection oven has weird time increments. The microwave has 10-second increments, whereas the oven has 2-minute increments. Setting the right cooking time is a pain, and you’ll have to monitor the food constantly.

Left-handed Microwave Alternatives Comparison Table

 Sharp SMD2470ASFrigidaire FGMO3067UDSamsung MS14K6000ASLG LMC0975ASZGalanz GTWHG12S1SA10
Capacity1.2 cu. ft.1.6 cu. ft.1.4 cu. ft.0.9 cu. ft.1.2 cu. ft.
Max power950 watts950 watts1,000 watts1,000 watts1,000 watts
Power levels1110101010
Pre-programmed settings20117712

How do you determine a right or left-handed door?

The easiest way to tell whether a door opens from the left or right is by looking at the hinges. If they are on the right, it is a left-hand door and vice-versa. All microwaves on the market have a right-hand door unless they are a drop-down or microwave drawer.

Can you reverse the door on a microwave?

No, unfortunately, you cannot reverse the door on a microwave.

Are there right-hinged microwaves?

No. If you need a left-hand microwave, you have to look for an alternative, such as a microwave with a drop-down door or a drawer model. All microwaves in this guide are suitable for left-handed users.


With no true left-handed microwave out there, your options are limited if you’re a leftie who can’t stand right-hand door opening.

That said, there are plenty of alternatives. I hope this article can help you pick the best microwave oven for you.



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