Tall Microwave Cart With Storage: Top Picks & Reviews [2023]

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Do you want a microwave oven but are short on counter space? You don’t have to alter your kitchen cabinets to accommodate a built-in appliance. A tall microwave cart with storage can increase your kitchen’s storage space in addition to holding your microwave.

When it comes to choosing, there are several options you can pick from. A microwave cart with wheels, for instance, is only slightly larger than a utility cart and fits in the smallest kitchens.

If you have an empty wall, you can consider a standing kitchen cabinet with microwave space or a larger kitchen cart. Wondering how to pick from so many options?

I did the hard work for you. I spent hours on end selecting models and comparing their features. In the end, I came up with the list below. Check it out to find the best tall microwave cart with storage for you.

Benefits of tall microwave carts with storage

A microwave cart’s main purpose undeniably is that of accommodating your microwave oven. Yet, this piece of furniture comes with additional benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

Storage space

The greatest benefit of a microwave cart with storage is the storage part of the deal. Not only will it provide room for a microwave oven that wouldn’t fit in your kitchen otherwise, but it will add valuable storage space to your kitchen.

Tall microwave carts with storage have shelves and sometimes even cabinets you can use to store china and silverware, cookbooks, or even transform into a makeshift pantry.

Better organization

A direct result of more storage space is the possibility of organizing your kitchen to perfection. You won’t have an excuse anymore to keep all your kitchen cabinets filled to the brim with all sorts of items, nor postpone organizing that cluttered drawer just because you don’t have “space.” A tall microwave cart with storage will solve those dilemmas for you.

Decorative features

Do you feel your kitchen is missing something in the visual department? A microwave cart could be the missing piece.

Tall microwave carts and stands with storage come in a variety of models. You can pick from traditional or shabby chic options, modern or even industrial carts.

Not only will your cart create a focal point on its own, but it will also help unclutter your countertop (holding the microwave and other small appliances).


Whether you want a microwave cart with wheels, a microwave stands with a hutch, or a tall and slim kitchen trolley, rest assured they are all portable. Do you have to move home or don’t you need it in the kitchen anymore and want to move it to the garage? You can do that with minimal effort.


Last but not least, microwave carts are versatile. They are designed for microwaves, but you can use them for other purposes as well. You don’t even have to place it in the kitchen – most models are neutral enough to sit in your living room or even in the bathroom. So, when you don’t need it anymore, you can simply repurpose it.

How much weight can a microwave cart hold?

It depends on the model. Some carts can hold about 40 lbs. Others are taller or made of stronger materials and can hold 80 lbs or more. If you have specific requirements, check the weight limit in the product’s manual (or contact the manufacturer and ask) before buying.

How to Select the Best Microwave Cart with Storage for Your Kitchen?

Picking a microwave cart could seem easy. However, there are a few things to consider before spending your money:


The first thing to consider when buying a microwave cart is its design and how well it fits into your kitchen’s design. Preferably, you should buy the cart in a style that matches your kitchen cabinets and interior. Alternatively, you can opt for a minimalist cart that fits into all kitchens.


While all microwave carts are large enough to accommodate your microwave, chances are you’ll want to use it for more than that. Consider your needs and the overall capacity that would help you in the kitchen.

Some microwave carts with wheels have utility baskets you can use to store groceries or vegetables. Others have cabinets that could fit some cookware or a few other small appliances.

Weight limit

I talked about the weight limit above, but don’t underestimate it. When checking the weight limit, consider the weight of your microwave oven plus the weight of any other items you want to keep on the cart.


Lastly, check the cart’s overall size and make sure it fits in your home. The size is particularly important if you want to place the unit in a narrow nook or wedge it between a kitchen cabinet and the wall.

With this in mind, let’s see what the best tall microwave carts with storage you can find are.

Tall microwave cart with storage

1. Hodedah Long Standing Kitchen Cabinet

With a linear design and a large microwave compartment, this standing kitchen cabinet might not be a cart in the true meaning of the word, but it’s one of your best bets. It has compact dimensions and can fit in a small space, yet it provides you with plenty of extra storage.


This storage cabinet features a bottom shelf with solid panel doors as well as an upper shelf with glass doors. The microwave slot in the middle features a solid back panel for a streamlined appearance, pre-drilled to let the microwave cord pass through.


In addition, you also get a convenient drawer you can use to store cutlery or mail and utility bills.


The Hodedah Long Standing Kitchen Cabinet comes in six colors, including a timeless cherry and other modern options. It is easy to put together, although some parts may be mislabeled. Other than that, it’s a good choice for small homes.

2. SAYZH Microwave Stand 4 Tier Rolling Utility Cart

If you’re looking for a compact microwave cart with an industrial flair, the SAYZH 4-tier stand could suit your interior. This black metal stand is compartmented into two top shelves and two bottom baskets that can double as shelves.


The second-tier panel offers plenty of space for a microwave or even a small freestanding oven. Both of the baskets also offer sufficient storage space for groceries or smaller electronics and other kitchen essentials.


This microwave kitchen cart is very light and easy to move as needed. It has four caster wheels and side handles on top so you can haul it across the kitchen.

Load-wise, it can hold up to 270 pounds. That’s more than enough weight capacity for two microwave ovens plus accessories.

Aside from ample storage space, this cart also offers you a leg or wheel choice – you can simply take off the caster wheels if you don’t need them or if you need added stability. Affordable and reliable, it is a great choice for an industrial home style.

3. Home Source Brook Microwave Stand

Do you need a cabinet-style microwave cart to match a rustic or traditional style? The Brook cabinet from Home Source can suit your needs.


This microwave stand is made of MDF but has a real hardwood finish. The choice of color and the overall design make it perfect for a rustic cabin or countryside home, but it looks equally amazing in a modern urban interior.


It is similar to the Hodedah cabinet up to an extent, but you get two smaller drawers instead of one.

Microwave holding aside, this freestanding kitchen cart also works well as a towel bar or to increase storage options in a small kitchen.

4. Tribesigns Kitchen Baker’s Rack

Looking for a multifunctional microwave cart with a wood top? This option from Tribesigns could be what you want.


Made from engineered wood but exuding industrial vibes, this kitchen cart with storage is an excellent choice for maximizing storage space and adding a new counter to your kitchen. It has plenty of shelves and even a storage basket, aside from a large microwave compartment.


The unit is sturdy and can bear weights up to 300 lbs. The X design on the back also ensures stability. Easy to assemble, easy to clean, and multifunctional, it can easily complement all kitchen styles.

Its only downside is the lack of wheels. However, this microwave cart is still easy to transport.

https://amzn.to/3NgyHjR5. HOMCOM Modern Freestanding Kitchen Cupboard

The last tall microwave cart with storage on our list is a freestanding kitchen cupboard that can double as a bar cabinet, corner cabinet, or additional kitchen storage. You can even use it as a freestanding bar cart in the living room if you don’t have enough space for it in the kitchen.


The unit features a wood top as well as top and bottom shelves with solid panel doors. The microwave slot is large enough for a family-sized oven. At the same time, another slot is large enough to accommodate a coffee machine or other small appliances.


The cabinet also has a convenient drawer. Its weight capacity of 220 lbs. is lower than expected. Nevertheless, this cart is not made of solid hardwood panels, so that could justify the weight capacity. It comes in only one color, but the bright white can suit all kitchen styles.

Tall microwave cart with storage comparison table

 Hodedah CabinetSAYZH StandHome Source StandTribesigns Kitchen RackHOMCOM Cupboard
MaterialWoodMetalMDF woodWoodWood
Color options61111
Dimensions15.8″D x 23.6″W x 70.9″H14.5” D x 22.8” W x  41.9” H26.8” D x 15.7” W x 67” H35.5” D x 15” W x 52” H16.4” D x 27.95” W x 70” H

Final Thoughts

If you have a small kitchen or little counter space, a tall microwave cart with storage provides you with the room needed to keep the handy appliance and other kitchen essentials.

There are plenty of models to choose from, including tall cabinets, carts with wheels, and even carts that can double as kitchen island. I hope this guide can help you find the best microwave cart with storage for you.



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